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Wedding Wish/Invite Information

Lankasri allows you to publish your families, friends or relatives wedding celebration through our site, therefore if you want to share the celebrations, please find the below information for your help on how to publish through our site or if you have any issues contact us, we will be happy to help

Information needed

  • Your home telephone number
  • Your full name
  • Need to send maximum 10 photos and minmum atleast 1 photo (if the photos took from the digital camera, it will be helpful)
  • Fully wishing information about the wedding celebration ( no words limit)
  • Publishing date and the time must be attached
  • If you want to attach a poem or a video with the wedding wish/invite, you must send us
  • A confirmed receipt or reference number after you made the payment

How to make payment

  • Credit Card or PayPal
  • Bank or Western Union

How to send the information?

  • Send us the photo and the information about the wedding wish/invite through
  • Must scan the photo and send us through
  • The information about the wedding wish/invite is need to be in typed in a document or write clearly in a white piece of paper and scan that paper to send us via e-mail
  • If you do not have Scan & Fax facilities, please make use of our new telephone service to read and record the information. Contact us if you need any help with this matter

How long is needed to publish?

  • If you send us the information before 2 days of publishing date, it will be easy for us to design in well format
  • In case, if you want us to publish the wedding wish in a quick time, the wish will get to publish within 5 hours from the time when all the information such as payment and the photo has reached us. Once the work is less, the minimum publishing time will be within 30 minutes.

How to make changes?

  • After published, if you need to change or edit any of the information, the person who has given us the information before must contact us and tell us the changes
  • We will not edit or change any of your personal wedding designs; therfore will only change it if we had correct changes of design

Terms & Conditions

  • We will not allow any advertisement in the wish
  • We will not allow you to give any of your web site links in the wedding celebration wish
  • The information related to the wish will only get to publish, no other information will be added with the wish
  • If the wish is your personal design, we will not edit, change or add any other information to that particular design
  • We will not guarantee that your personal designed wish will get to publish exactly in the same way as it will be changed if it is required
  • Your personal designed wish will get to publish only when it is fitted all the requirements for our site or else we will publish the usual design for your wish
  • If you identify any spelling mistakes on your published wish, contact us to correct the mistakes
  • The wish may be delayed if we faced any technical issues in publishing the wish
  • If our site has stopped working properly or any issues in running the site or your wish is not displaying for the days, we will increase the extra days to publish for free.